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"Where in the heck is Eugene, Indiana?" once appeared on a t-shirt years ago.  Eugene is a suburb of Cayuga.  We have a Cayuga address and as we like to say, are out of the way but out of the ordinary!  We hope you will make the trip and see for yourself. 


Our roots run deep, celebrating over 35 years in business!  Our humble begining was an antique hutch in our living room that friends and family would shop handmade wooden items. 


From there we moved into an old school bus, we had all the seats removed and moved in cabinets and shelves to make a shop.  This worked great for years, but as you can imagine candles would melt in the summer. 


1986 was the start of what we are today when the original shed was built.  We have come a long way, building on to the original shed twice, two more "out" buildings and a lean to have all helped to increase our foot print here in Eugene.

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